Hi there, my name is Robert Larsson, and I was born 1986 and grew up on the Swedish countryside.

Since I was just a kid, I've always liked creating things, and since I also liked drawing and computers, it didn't take long until I combined it all. Being a very curious person, I loved experimenting with computers and programs, which set the foundation for my way of learning by doing, which is the way I've learned a lot of my designing and photography skills.

But it wasn't until I finished high school (swedish Gymnasieskola) that I took the oute of studying design and media - the same year I graduated, I went to college, to study Graphic Design & Communication at Idévärlden. Here I spent two years studying all forms of design - from graphic and video, to sound editing and photography. During the last six months of the first year, we spent working in groups as fictional advertising agencys, where I was appointed Art Director by the faculty.

The following year I spent at Magoo 3D Studios as an intern through Idévärlden, working mainly with 3D-rendered photos of products for the IKEA catalog. Following this, I graduated from Idévärlden in 2007.

Later that year, I started working at Allt om Bostad/Docu Group s a designer & content manager, and have now taken on the role as the in-house designer for the number of the companies that the parent company oversees.

Squared Design has been my designer identity for over 10 years, but as of 2013, it's also the name of my own business.