About me

N. Järnvägsgatan 47B, 827 32 Ljusdal, Sweden


My name is Robert, I’m 31 years old and I’m from Sweden. I work with graphic design and advertising, both at work and on my spare time. I recently formed a “team” of car enthusiasts and friends called SIX51, who have started going to car shows together.

The Toyota is not my first car/build. Some notable earlier cars include:

1999 Impreza WRX
With plenty of HKS goodies, making around 360 hp

2003 Impreza STI JDM
Lightly modified daily driver.

1998 Honda Integra Type-R
K20A2 engine swap, plus plenty of performance and handling upgrades. 250+ hp and track-spec chassis

2002 Impreza WRX Wagon
Hawkeye STI swap, front end, interior etc. Wrapped matte green.

1995 Nissan S14
This has been my longest and most serious project to date, with every aspect of the car changed (engine, chassis, exterior, interior). Built SR20 engine, from the ground up with everything upgraded, made 595 hp at the wheels. 

Forged bottom end, Precision billet turbo, ID2000 injectors, Link stand alone ECU, Z32 transmission, Nismo twin plate clutch, built head with Tomei parts, custom intake and exhaust manifolds and so much more. Vertex body kit, S14 kouki conversion, Volk CE28N wheels, BRIDE seats. The list can be made very long.


The GT86 during 2017

I bought the GT86 in 2015, and in two years I have come a long way. During 2017, the car got a lot of attention and recognition, without it even being a goal I had. This year, the cars' spec list looks like this:

Wheels & tires
- SSR Professor SP1 - 18x9.5 -3 & 18x10.5 -26
- Toyo Proxes R888 - 255/35/18 & 285/35/18
- Likewise Royals lug nuts
- Tredwear tire lettering

- Genuine Rocket Bunny v1 wide body fenders
- TRD side skirts, modified for RB fenders
- TRD front bumper
- TRD Aero fins
- Seidoworks Whale Tail wing
- Valenti tail lights
- HTA Bottomline v2 rear spats
- OEM-style rear diffuser
- LED plate bulbs

Engine & transmission
- ACE Alpha 350 4-2-1 header and over pipe
- Agency Power exhaust
- Openflash Tablet
- Custom E85 tune
- IRP v3 shifter
- Password JDM carbon cooling panel
- Password JDM fuse box lid
- Motul Gear 300 oil in trans and diff

- D2 RS coilovers
- ISC adjustable LCAs
- Japspeed adjustable toe rods

- BRIDE Gias III seats
- Gauge hood, dash pad, center console etc wrapped in genuine Alcantara
- Shift boot and ebrake boot in Alcantara with red stitching
- Custom made steering wheel, wrapped in Alcantara, thicker padding, red leather strap etc
- TRD start button

the result of 2017

After completing what would be this years' version of the car, I have been positively surprised by the amount of attention and praise I've recieved for the build. Like mentioned earlier, the goal was not primarily to win show prizes, I only went to three shows this year, but I took home trophies on all of them. Here's the important things of what made me want to take the car further, and why I believe the next iteration of the build will get even more successful:

- First show I ever attended with the car, "Baked Society Takeover", resulted in Best in Show. Judges decision.
- Second show/meet was a way bigger event, Wakeup Meet 2017, where I took home Best Japanese car (voted by the visitors), and Best of Wakeup, voted by the people who arranged the show.
- Third meet I went to was "Barkarbyträffen", Swedens largest outdoor meet for all types of cars, where I took home Best Shine, because of the overall quality and presentation.

Then Bilsport, Sweden and Norways biggest car magazine, wrote a bit about the car in Issue #20 2017. When talking to the journalist who does features, he said that they would get back to the car for a real feature when I finished my coming plans for the car.

During and after this, I was asked, almost dragged, by Gatebil to display the car at Oslo Motor Show 2017, which I unfortunately could not attend. Then, Bilsport wanted me at their Motor Show 2017 in December. Unfortunately, I have sold my SSR wheels, so that's not doable.

The Swedish Work Wheels dealer L-M-R, and Work themselves, chose my car as one of four that will be given a part sponsorship on Work Wheels. So I will be on Work Meister L1 wheels next season.

2018 and "Version 4"

The plan for 2018 is to really get the car out there, and some things are already "locked in".

The upgrades for 2018

- Varis Arising II carbon hood
- Voltex Type 2V-GT carbon wing
- Air suspension
- Livery with sponsor logos on the car
- More carbon details under the hood
- Red washers and polished hardware for most visible bolts under the hood

- Work Meister L1 wheels, 18x9.5 & 18x10.5, gloss black and gunmetal faces
- Toyo R888R tires
- Varis Arising II front bumper and lip
- Varis Arising II side skirts
- Varis Arising II rear bumper with diffuser and bumper shrouds/canards

Bilsport Custom Motor Show (also known as "Elmiamässan")
I will have a prime spot on Europes largest car show for modified cars, Bilsport Custom Motor Show, with over 85 thousand visitors. I will be exhibiting with Swedens biggest "stance/fitment" community OijOij Society.

Gatebil is one of the largest car festivals in Europe, and already this year they wanted me to display the car during these events. In 2018, I will go to the Swedish events.

Bilsport magazine
Like I mentioned earlier, we're aiming for a full feature on the car to be in the magazine.

Social media
Promote the car and sponsors in any way I can on Instagram, Facebook etc. The car has already proven to be incredibly well-liked on Facebook groups such as the main GT86/BRZ/FR-S group, where it's one of the most-liked cars among their 26 000+ members. Not to mention Swedish groups such as OijOijs official group.

And there's no doubt I will be invited to all sorts of meets and shows (I was invited to a lot of meets not mentioned above) that I will go to.