A random handful of the shirts I've made lately, to show you different styles.

Branding, logotypes etc


A couple of my recent liveries. All liveries shown here have and/or will be showcased at Scandinavias biggest car show, Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show that takes place every easter weekend.

Superior Imports - The second livery I did for them - they wanted a livery that looked very destroyed and "Mad Max"-like. Everything you see in the images are in the printed livery. This livery was also applied to his teammates' widebody BMW E36, and they both competed in the Swedish Drift championship.


Christoffers' S13 - A good friend of mines' japan street-drift style S13, for which he wanted a Japanese-looking livery for. This is applied this week before the above mentioned show.


Alexander Granlunds Rocket Bunny BMW E46 - One of Swedens' most loved drifters (also competing in the championship) is replacing his drift E28 (that I also did the livery for last year) with an E46 with a custom Rocket Bunny widebody kit. The car will be unveiled at the Bilsport show this weekend. He wanted a livery with lines all over the side of the car, so here's the result.



BRL Racing - A newly born drift and racing team who again, are also competing in the Swedish Drifting championship and exhibiting at the show this weekend. Livery being applied as I'm writing this.